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Your Wedding

The cake is gone in an hour.   

Someone else gets the venue tomorrow.

The memories are what you get to keep forever.  Our mission is to help you hold on to those memories for a lifetime.   We strive to capture both the physical and the emotional details of the day, so when you sit down with loved ones years from now - they can open an album and know how it felt to be there with you.


"Capturing the moments of today that will wow your heart tomorrow."


Many photographers publish lists of packages that try to exhaustively detail every item they can imagine you wanting - how many hours of this and disks of that and prints of something else.  

We focus on you.  We want to put our full energy and attention into the elements that matter to you.  You tell us what you want in your 'photography package' and we'll find a way to deliver it at a price point that's fair to everyone.

One thing we're never doing is counting minutes or photos.   Our passion is recording the entire experience.  We want to show up before you expect us to be there and to stay later than you think we need to, because we don't want to miss a moment.   



Wedding Packages range between $1200 and $6500.  

Options can include:


Multiple Photographers


Reception Slideshows

Photo Booths


Rehearsal/Dinner Coverage

Custom Album Design

Drone Photography/Video

Portrait Sessions

   Lots more!

Engagement Sessions

Engagement Sessions range between $75 and $300.

Engagement sessions are relaxed, fun and affordable.  Whether you're the type of couple that has a thousand cell phone pictures together...  or you've only actually been photographed together once, and it was blurry, and one of you was making an angry face, you owe it to yourselves to mark this milestone in your life by taking the time to relax together and have a few great portraits shot.

Bridal Portraits

Bridal Portraits range between $150 and $500.

You're only going to look like this once.  You owe it to yourself to have this memory perfectly preserved. 

We can shoot multiple locations and furnish hair and makeup artists if you don't have your own.  Champagne and cake are provided as well. 


Boudoir sessions range between $125 and $400.

 Our boudoir sessions are empowering and exciting -  we always strive to show your beauty in a way that's both honest and flattering.   People often think that boudoir photos are 'for him', but he's already decided to marry you - he obviously knows how beautiful you are inside and out.   This photo session is really for and about you!   

We love to be the ones handling your printing - because we have as much interest as you do in making sure our work is preserved and displayed in the best way possible.   That said - managing prints and laying out albums is time-consuming and thus, costly.  So we leave it up to each client to decide if it's worth it to them to have us apply our expertise to their printing needs or if that's something they'd rather handle themselves.  All of our sessions include a release to grant you all legal rights necessary to make your own prints at any time!

Let's talk

We're local to Oklahoma City, but happy to travel if it means we get to work with awesome clients.  

Please fill out our contact form and we'll be back with you shortly.  We prefer face to face meetings whenever possible, but we're also young and cool enough to handle planning a whole wedding by text or Facebook messenger if that's your thing.


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